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Welcome to BBMRI-ERIC


Essential for the understanding of the diversity of human diseases, biological samples and corresponding data are required for the development of any new drug or diagnostic assay and are therefore critical for the advancement in health research, ultimately leading to personalised medicine. Biobanks also will provide key information on the influence of environment and lifestyle on health, constituting a basis for disease prevention programmes and the improvement of public health.


Hence, a close collaboration between researchers, biobankers, patient advocacy groups, and the biotech and pharma industry is essential in addressing both common and rare diseases. Keeping in mind the need for better prevention, diagnostics, and therapy for all, we are aware that every single sample impacts our ability to comprehend disease and, thus, achieve our goal for a healthier life. Sixteen Member States and one International Organisation have thus joined forces in establishing BBMRI-ERIC, which is one of the largest health Research Infrastructure in Europe today. BBMRI-ERIC primarily aims at establishing, operating, and developing a pan-European distributed research infrastructure of biobanks and biomolecular resources. This will facilitate the access to biological resources as well as biomedical facilities and support high-quality biomolecular and medical research.


Imagine the countless possible applications for the billions of biological samples that are available from biobanks across Europe.


Welcome to BBMRI-ERIC - Welcome to the Gateway for Health!


Prof. Jan-Eric Litton

BBMRI-ERIC Director General



CORBEL Project Funded

We are proud to announce that the H2020 project CORBEL (Coordinated Research Infrastructures...

First joint meeting of and other BBMRI-ERIC National Nodes

The first joint meeting of and other BBMRI-ERIC national nodes took place from 11-14...

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30-31 March 2015


ELSI Workshop "Biological resources: diversity and usages: societal challenges" PART I

09 April 2015